Speaking Engagements

I am a skilled and practiced presenter across all age groups from young children to elders. If your community group, school or business is looking for a speaker to demystify disability, Judaism or the diversity of gender and sexuality in a friendly, engaging and accessible way, why not hire me?




An own voices speaker can take your organisation's diversity and inclusion education to the next level. I can provide workshops or talks on the following identity or community aspects:

  • Nonbinary and trans status

  • Sexuality/LGBTQ+ status

  • Intersex status

  • Immigrant status

  • Jewish identity

  • Disability status (mobility disability/wheelchair use, hearing impairment, neurodiversity, fatigue conditions, mental health, chronic illness)

I'm also a trained historian and can offer talks tailored to teach about the history of these communities either globally or within the UK.

I pride myself on honesty and ethical operation - this means that when approached by a client, if I'm not the right speaker for the job, I'll do my best to connect you to someone who is.





Most recently I provided training on disabled inclusion and planning accessible events to Moishe House International's 2020 conference "CouchCon". My training was aimed at young professionals in their 20s-30s from a broad range of backgrounds. This training was provided over Zoom, utilising a broad range of tools to keep it interactive and engaging, including polls, Google Jamboard, and slide decks.

I have previously co-organised a diverse range of workshop and lecture content at the Nine Worlds fan conventions in London between 2013-2018, ranging from creative writing and activism workshops for children and young people, to presenting on disability portrayal in science fiction and fantasy properties like Game of Thrones.

Jewish spaces

I have hosted workshops for Jewish organisations Yelala, Moishe House, and the Manchester Grassroots Shmita Project.

Offerings have included:

- facilitating a Tashlich service which I holistically adapted for survivors of abuse

- sessions on grief and mourning through a Jewish framework

- creative writing workshops for the High Holy Days and Hanukkah

- educational sessions on the Shmita (Jubilee) year

I have also previously consulted with UK based Jewish organisations on their Pride Shabbat offerings.

working with

A former Brownie and Rainbows organiser, I have experience working with children from age 6 upwards and am skilled at engaging and managing groups of up to 30 children.

I am also extensively experienced working with classes inclusive of disabled people who have additional learning needs/require materials to be adapted for accessibility, as well as experience with students who experience behavioural difficulties.

I have also given lessons on a variety of topics to home schooled children, tailored to the level of detail the child or children and their guardians requested.


I attended and participated in numerous workshops with Jaime during their years-long work at the Nine Worlds convention. They are not only an incredibly engaging and interesting public speaker, but also a highly sensitive one, whose work is always accessible to participants with additional needs such as myself. I would recommend Jaime as a public speaker for any event, but particularly note their skills in discussing difficult and potentially upsetting topics with an unusual deftness and compassion.

- Quen Took, author and workshop participant at the Nine Worlds conventions

Jaime's tact and sensitivity has been shown in multiple presentations across the Nine World's Program. As a fellow presenter I am gratified and honoured to have participated in discussions they have lead. In particular their skills diffusing potential conflict and caring for the wellbeing of their colleagues should be noted and applauded. They will always go above and beyond to support and nurture their companions and community. They have always shown great attention to detail both in the needs of their audience, attendees and colleagues, and in the content they produce. They will showcase information in relevant and engaging ways; with appropriate content warnings [to give attendees advance warning if we will be discussing difficult or upsetting topics] and with thoroughly researched and well thought out ideas that encourage participation and conversation.

- J LoVecchio, workshop participant and co-host on several panels at the Nine Worlds conventions

Jaime was a guest workshop host at Yelala during the Jewish Near Year season. They were sensitive, kind, knowledgeable and made everyone in the space feel comfortable. We appreciated how welcoming they were to people of all identities and backgrounds. We have also appreciated their support and advice in working to make Yelala more actively welcoming to participants who are queer, disabled and/or who hold other marginalised identities.

- Kohenet Yael Tischler and Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid, organisers of Yelala

In the session Warrior Women and the Armour of Courtesy, Susan and track organiser Jaime Starr examined the strong female characters of the book series. The panel for the discussion There Are No True Knights included Jaime Starr [panel leader], Susan, Cristina Macia (who is the translator of the books into Spanish) and Miltos Yerolemou, the actor who plays Syrio Forel in Game of Thrones. They looked at the men in both the books and the TV show, and talked about which knights held true to the ideals of chivalry and honour. The audience for both panels had an impressive knowledge of the characters and events of the series and the result was a challenging, lively debate. The whole Game of Thrones track had an excellent organiser in Jaime Starr.

- review of NineWorlds 2013 from guest contributor and author, Susan Bartholomew



Rates for in person sessions are negotiable between £50-£100 per hour depending on the complexity and amount of tailoring required for the presentation you desire, as well as the lead time. Travel costs may apply if located outside of Manchester.

Online sessions with free entry are a flat £50 per hour, with a surcharge if booked less than a working week in advance. If attendance is being charged to audience, then a negotiable amount of the ticket take goes to the speaker as well as the hourly rate - the ticket sale cost will depend on the type of organisation - not for profit, or profit generating.

There is no increase in price for covering multiple subjects in the same project. Unless the client requests other arrangements, online sessions will be delivered via Zoom.

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