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Jaime is a disabled, Jewish, nonbinary, mixed heritage Sephardi & Mizrahi poet, community organiser, historian and death doula in training, whose first book of poetry, Death, Birth, Rebirth will be published in 2021.

When they aren’t writing, they can be found under their three cats and Pekingese dog (who believes she is a fourth cat) at their home in Manchester, England which they share with their beloved wife, Ollie.


Originally from Ireland, Jaime specialises in work focusing on the power identity offers, to build resilience and pride in diasporic immigrant communities and in other LGBTQIA+ people. Their lifelong dream is to become the sort of writer who gives a person a mirror to see themselves reflected in fiction for the first time.

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As well as writing both fiction and non-fiction work for pleasure, and by request on a freelance basis, Jaime is passionate about skill sharing. As such they prioritise participating in education opportunities for both adults and children. Jaime has enhanced DBS clearance for working with vulnerable people.


Jaime's past offerings have included:

  • Workshops on seamless accessibility for event facilitators, most recently as part of Moishe House's CouchCon 2020

  • Multi-faith grief and death discussion spaces

  • Creative writing workshops for the Jewish High Holidays

  • Diversity training for staff at a major London hotel

  • Workshops for disabled people to discuss our representation in fiction

  • Self care workshops for both LGBTQIA+ and disabled attendees at science fiction conventions

  • Consultation work for improving trans/Jewish/disabled inclusion for a variety of professional bodies

  • Facilitated peer spaces for trans teenagers

  • Children's sessions on creative writing, multi-cultural religious observances, and identity

  • Complex character and world building

  • Sensitivity reader services for both academics and fiction authors



death, Birth, rebirth

Death, Birth, Rebirth is Jaime's forthcoming poetry chapbook.


Currently in its editing phase, Death, Birth, Rebirth will be published in early 2021, centring on themes of discovery, queer identity, and inter-generational family relationships. 

If you'd like to be among the first to know when Death, Birth, Rebirth is published, please get in touch using the contact form below.


If you're interested in seeing more of Jaime's fiction, but don't want to wait for Death, Birth, Rebirth to be published, why not become a patron?


From $1 a month you can join Jaime's Patreon community, where you can access some or all of Jaime's poetry, and snippets of their forthcoming novel The Golem's Rainbow Tallit as it is brought to life.

To become a patron, please click here:

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Jaime also writes articles for a variety of publications. Forthcoming work includes a blog series on gardening as a disabled person. Links to Jaime's published work will be listed here:





Brushing my thumb across gleaming skin, I remove a fleck of dirt.

I like that there is dirt on the skin.

Dirt speaks of life, realness, an unpolished natural world.

So I am glad to need to remove the dirt.

Again, I rub the pad of my thumb slow and firm along the now clear skin, pressing just hard enough to let it wrinkle in my wake.

The skin is taut, and I tease it with these hard caresses until I can no longer hold back.

Pressure builds beneath my thumb as I eagerly watch for a split to appear.

The suspense is its own tantalising sweetness and I taste that on my tongue, anticipating sweetness still to be given up to me.

Time slows down and I watch the scene unfold as though each breath took a year.

The perfectly taut, engorged flesh gives way to my sweet violence and yields to me, opening deep and ripe.

My fingers play against the torn flesh, ecstatic juices leaking out stain the milky tea of my skin a deep bruised mahogany.

I bring my mouth to the wound, tongue touching the inner slickness, tart-sweet erupting on taste buds. This was worth waiting for.

I bite down.

Time speeds up again.

Juice spurts in rapturous ecstasy.

The first cherry of the season was worth the wait.

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